Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Day That I will Remember Forever!

It looks like I'm the last to write about my special day....guess I need to get on the ball and start writing. I loved the whole thing! Getting up at 5:30 in the morning to get ready for the day to after we drove off in the sunset!
I need to thank the Moms for doing so much in making this a great day for everyone who was there. Couldn't have done it without either one of you. We love you! For the Dads for letting me dress you up in really cute tuxes and for supporting the mothers! Thank you so much.
We are heading to the dinner after taking some pictures of the wedding party!
Leaving to go to our hotel. I think Tamio and Eric had some fun with the car.
We met with Wendal, our photographer, Friday morning to get the pictures of Jordan and I done so we didn't have to rush after the wedding. He did a wonderful job and I was quit pleased with him.

Sadly enough the celebration ended Saturday night. It ended with the wedding party taking golf carts to different areas on the course to take some pictures. Jordan and I were in the first cart and when we got to our first place I looked back and it was crazy to see eight carts racing behind. It was the best ever. Thank you to all who made it a very special day. Love you all!!!