Sunday, June 7, 2009

One year on May 30th!

On May 30th it has been one year since we have been married. I didn't have any idea what Jordan had in mind for our anniversary and he would only give me some clues here and there. I found out as we were heading out of Twin that we were on our way to Sun Valley to The Lodge for our stay.
The back of The Lodge

The front

Driving in

What a beautiful place to stay. We got in around 7 o'clock and checked into our room then went for some dinner. We didn't do a lot that night. I updated the blog when we got back to our room and Jordan watched the Lakers game. Win Win situation! Spending quality time together but yet doing what we both love to do. Saturday morning Jordan scheduled us a massage at The Lodge and I was in heaven! What a wonderful surprise. We could have went ice skating and other fun activities but where I am pregnant didn't know if it was a good idea.
So instead we walked through the shops and of course loved all the clothes that wouldn't come close in fitting my constant changing body. Had some lunch at a sandwich shop then went driving up through mountains and then headed to Hailey and walked around the streets. I felt like a little kid again! We stopped at the Chocolate Factory and after that got ice cream! Oh I was hurting after the ice cream but so worth having all the sweets!
The last surprise was a concert. Kenny Loggins! I know, I didn't know who he was either. He sings Footloose and some other really good songs and he was amazing! Thank you Jordan for the wonderful weekend!