Sunday, August 3, 2008

Quick Update

We have been extremely busy in July. We both got new callings in our ward and it has kept me busy more so then I anticipated. I am the Mia Maid adviser and Jordan teaches the Valiant 10 class which he really enjoys being with them every Sunday and teaching every other Sunday. For me, the youth are in the middle of getting ready for the "Youth Celebration" for the dedication of the Twin Falls Temple. Every Wednesday night we meet as a stake to practice the dance that the youth will preform 4 times in two days. One of the performances the Prophet will be there! They will preform once Friday the 22nd of August and then 3 more times on the 23rd. Talk about a busy Saturday. We need to be there early that morning and I don't think anyone can leave until that night.
I don't get to just sit on the side lines and watch the youth. I'm in the back handing and taking props and knowing where 4-5 youth are at all times. Each leader is over a certain number of youth in our stake to help keep the flow of things better. There are 14 stakes involved with this celebration and I've heard over 3,000 kids are participating in it as well. Its pretty fun being involved in this but yet at the same time it is tiring.
This weekend Jordan and I are driving to Weston for my parents farewell. They are leaving sometime next week to serve in the Temple Square Mission! It will be a nice get-a-way for us since we really haven't traveled since the end of June.