Saturday, October 18, 2008

Crazy times

It is a beautiful Saturday here in Kimberly! Woke up this morning around 8 and Jordan thought it would be perfect to go for a walk before we had breakfast. It was a little chilly but at the same time felt great to be outside again before it gets too cold. Came home and I started to get ready for the day while Jordan went to make breakfast (like he does every Saturday unless he is golfing)!
He went golfing and I am here at the house really cleaning the house since we are feeding the missionaries tomorrow night. It is kind of nice just having a Saturday where we are at home. For me it just helps me through my next week and I feel like I have a better Sunday because things are more in order.
The last 3 weeks I have been pretty good about cutting back on the caffeine drinks. I've been strong about it but once in a while I do want a Dr. Pepper or Mt Dew! Eventually I want to get it where I'm not drinking soda at all. Well, maybe here and there but not every week like I do.
This week have been pretty busy for us. We go to work Monday through Friday and Jordan has been really busy at the lab. The last month or so he will try to go in early to get his stuff done so he can handle phone calls or whatever may come up during the day. It isn't very often he comes home at 5. It might be around 6 or so depending what I have going on. If it is a night that I am teaching swim lessons then he will stay later knowing that I won't be home until 7:30.
That is right! I'm teaching swim lessons every Monday and Wednesday 5 to 7. I love it. Some times it is very challenging because the kids won't listen to us and when 1 kid chooses not to listen then it is a ripple effect! For the first class there are 2 teachers for 4 up to 12 or maybe a few more. We have to groups in the class. One of them are the beginners and the other one is if you can swim the length of the pool. The next class it is just me and pretty much we just swim laps in that one. It takes them about 15-20 minutes to swim them so for about 30 minutes I get to entertain these kids who really don't listen at all!!!
I look on the bright side, I get my work out in swimming with the kids and then I get to go home to a husband that loves me and helps me out whenever he can. Last Wednesday I came home after class and he had dinner ready for me! Isn't he sweet. I couldn't have picked a better man than Jordan McKay Lott! He is the best to me and for me. I just hope I return the favor to him!!!!