Wednesday, October 20, 2010


In September Jordan and I had the oppertunity to go to Florida to visit Brett and Michelle! We had so much fun with them and I had a hard time wanting to leave. The first couple of days we went to Disney World. We drove from Brett and Michelle's on Thursday so that Jordan could be there the first time we took Carson.
Carson loved the rides! Friday through Sunday I took Carson along with Michelle and her boys to Disney with Michelle's mom, sister and sister-in-law and 3 more kids while the boys went golfing and to a BYU game. It was fun hanging with all the girls but I was tired after all the walking and holding Carson in the lines. I'm just glad that the girls helped me in the lines.

Carson loved getting to know his cousins again! I think his favorite thing to do was take a bath with them!

Austin, Jaxson and Carson

Carson also saw some of the things his cousins were doing and thought he could join them. Below are some pictures of the boys playing at a McDonalds play area. We went there a couple of times just to let them get out and play!

Brett and Michelle live about 30 minutes away from the ocean so of course we took a day to go there. Mostly played in the sand because it was really windy the day we went.

Jaxson and Carson thought it was fun climbing up the stairs and we got tired of chasing them up to bring them down!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Paul Bingham Christmas Party 2009

Here are all the grandkids that were able to make it. Missing Austin, Jaxson, Kennedy, Kaden, & Kenzie. They are singing "Cousin Power"

Grandma Price, Mom, Heather & Carson

Grandma Bingham, Dad, Heather & Carson

Monday, January 4, 2010


We blessed Carson Adelbert Lott on November 1, 2009. Jordan gave him a beautiful blessing. For me, it was a very emotional day. My parents weren't able to make it because they are serving the Lord which I know that is where they are needed and I do see blessings from it. But knowing that doesn't mean that it was easy not having them there. I did okay through the blessing but a lady in our ward got up to bear her testimony and spoke of her dad. I lost it! I wanted my parents there to share this special day with us and for my dad to be part of the circle. I was able to gather myself and felt comforted knowing that 5 of my siblings were able to be there which I appreciate the effort that they made to be there.
After the blessing, we drove to Jerome where we had lunch. It was good to be gathered with family and friends. Thanks to all who came and was apart of this special day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lott Family Pictures 10/31/09

Carson age: 1 month

Jordan Lott Family Photo

Stan Lott Family Photo
Heather (holding Carson) Jordan, Eric, Tamio (holding Kobe)
Beth, Stan, Cathy and Anna (holding Enzo)

Grandpa & Grandma Lott with the grandsons!
Kobe, Carson and Enzo

Everyone on Jordan's side was in town for the Carson's blessing so we got together early Saturday morning to take pictures. I thoughts some of the really turned out considering Carson was hungry through most of them and towards the end he had it!

OH!!! So behind!

We decided to bless Carson on November 1, 2009 so some of my siblings came up on the 31st of October to do Halloween. Carson dressed as a baseball player!
Ella (Ryan & Marcy's) dressed as a kitty cat!

Reagan, Mylee, (Gary & Tiffani's) & Austin (Brett & Michelle's) dressed as a princess, lion and cowboy!

We had a fun time with everyone here. Thanks everyone that came up for that weekend!