Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Addition

Meet Sophie! She is a new member of our little family! She is a dachshund pug. She is the cutest puppy I ever laid my eyes on! Already it has been a trying experience for me. She has had 4 accidents and I cleaned up 3 of them! Jordan just laughs when I start cleaning up the mess because I start gagging really bad and it takes everything I have not to throw up. Jordan just smiles and reminds me it is breaking me in when we have little children and I have to clean up after them.
Even though we are trying to potty train her, she is a doll! She just follows me everywhere I go. Even when Jordan is trying to get her attention, she is at my heels. She even fell asleep on my lap a couple of times tonight. She was tired enough that I was able to move to get a picture or two of her. Enjoy her pictures!