Monday, September 29, 2008

Thanks Jordan!!!

Last Friday was my 23rd birthday and it was one of the best. Thursday Jordan sent me half a dozen of roses at work since I didn't work Friday. It was a BIG surprise since I didn't even think that he would. My whole birthday was full of surprises. Jordan wouldn't tell me anything. It kind of drove me crazy because I love being part of the surprises and not the one who doesn't know.
It started Friday night when we had reservations at a Fondue restaurant. I forgot the name of it but boy was it good. First surprise was all of our family who lived around Salt Lake was there. My parents, Ryan & Marcy and Ella, Stan & Cathy, Eric, Beth, Tamio & Anna and Enzo! Even though it took us 3 hours it was well worth it. After we went our different ways. Since Jordan & I went to Utah with his parents we went with them to meet Tamio at his show room to use a car. But before I knew that we weren't staying at Anna's I thought we were just meeting him there to get some papers that Stan needed. From there Jordan and I went to our destination which was awesome! He booked us a room at The Grand America Hotel. It was a really nice hotel and I loved the room.
I loved my birthday and it was better than last year. Of course being married helps a little but just waking up and having someone right there to wish you happy birthday and grateful for your existence. I love it all. Thank you Jordan for everything that you did for me to make my day special. I love you!!!
Also thanks for everyone who could share it with me.