Sunday, July 19, 2009

Baby update

I'm 30 1/2 weeks along! Only 10 weeks left. Felt pretty good with this pregnancy and not too much to complain about. Well, besides Carson being in my right ribs all the time. I think I have an internal bruise there. At least I know he is doing well, right? We don't have everything yet for him but we are getting there. Here are some pictures of his nursery.

Sports theme

Half of his closet. Diaper bag all ready to go and everything pretty organized.

All of the clothes I have so far. Can't wait to dress him!

One of the girls Jordan works with made this for him.

Carson A

All his blankets

Bath time!

Pretty much that is all that we have. I can only think of 2 items that we need to get before we have Carson. A car seat and a mattress for the crib. We do have a glider that we ordered and it will be in towards the end of August. Everything is coming together quit nicely.
We are taking the baby classes and I'm learning quit a bit from it. I want this to be a really neat experience and don't want to stress over anything while in the hospital.
Now I spend my time mostly at work and until mid September (I hope) and getting things ready to bring a baby home. It has been a really neat experience for me and I love feeling him move around. I think Jordan does as well. Yes I do have nights were I am miserable but it doesn't happen too often. It is usually when I'm running around all day on my feet and I don't get a chance to rest a little bit. Rather than that I do pretty good!