Tuesday, June 28, 2011


August 27, 2011

On Monday June 20, 2011 Gavin got a little bug and started throwing up and after a couple of days we started getting concerned. I had one appointment on Tuesday with a pediatrician about his arching and she confirmed that he had a bug. On Thursday, the 23rd, we took him back in and Gavin lost 8 oz in 2 days! The doctor was really concerned about Gavin and hospitalized him right away. I called Jordan crying trying to explain to him what was going on and he said he would leave work right away and come help make arrangements for Carson. Carson was at a neighbors house during the appointment so Jordan called our neighbor to let her know what was going on and that Stan (my father-in-law) would be picking up Carson and taking him home with him. We hung out at the hospital for couple of hours and then I went home to get some things for Jordan since he was going to stay with him that night. Stan and Cathy brought Carson back to the house and stayed the night so I wouldn't be there by myself (this was my first night away from Gavin and I was having a really hard time with it).
The next day came and went for most but drug on forever for me. I thought time stopped when I was in the hospital having babies but it really stops when it is your own child! During the day the nurses had us try to give Gavin a new formula, which smelled awful, and it was NOT a success! Finally that night the nurses let us try feeding him his normal formula and after eating we could just tell that he was in pain and we really didn't know what to do for him. Jordan told the night nurse to call the doctor and get her to send us down to Primary's where they can start doing something for him and figure what was going on with Gavin.

Twin Falls doesn't have the specialist (GI doctor) that Gavin needed. Our option was Boise or Salt Lake

Twin Falls St. Lukes HospitalAbout 30 minutes later the nurse came back and said that we were getting discharged early Saturday morning and heading to Utah! I stayed with Gavin that night and Jordan went home to pack a suitcase for us and get some good sleep before driving 3 hours the next morning. Stan and Cathy kept Carson for us not knowing how long we would be in Utah.

Primary Children's Hospital, Salt Lake City, Utah
We got to Primary's just before noon and got checked in and just waited for a game plan. We thought that the doctors would start doing tests that day and probably do surgery on Monday. Little did we know that it was the weekend and the doctors got it off unless they were on call and it was only for emergencies. We were frustrated with that at first but later that day we realized that it was good to be down there so the nurses and doctors could see Gavin first hand instead of taking our word of what was going on. My parents came down and spent the afternoon evening with us. It was good to have them there with us because they have experienced have a child in the hospital before. Since Gavin wasn't eating the nurses took him down to get a NJ feeding tube put in. NJ is a tube that goes in his nose and past the stomach to his intestines so that if Gavin does throw up he wouldn't throw up his food and still get the nutrition from his formula. My mom stayed in the hospital that night so Jordan and I went to his Aunt Janell and Uncle Bryce's to get a good night sleep.
Sunday one of the GI doctors came in to give us a game plan and talked very highly of Dr. Book who is the head of the GI department and would be on Gavin's case. They explained all the different possibilities that could happen and said that they would just take it one day at a time.
Monday: We met with Dr. Book and she went over again the game plan for the day (it changes sometimes). In the afternoon Gavin had an MRI done. Dr. Book never seen a 6 month old arch the way Gavin did. He would arch so much that he would be on his tippy toes and on his forehead. Anyways, they start with worse case and look and the child has a whole and not the symptoms and work their way back. Monday evening, neuro was eliminated out. Tuesday Gavin had a scope and biopsy done of his esophagus, stomach part of his intestines. When the scope came back normal the doctors wanted to revisit neuro again. Being the end of the day and receiving this information didn't sit well with me. We decided to go out and eat and on our way we called Grandpa and Grandma Lott to talk to Carson. Once he started talking, I lost it. I had no clue what was going on with my baby and being separated from Carson for the first time was tearing me up inside. We still didn't know when Gavin could go home so Jordan talked to Cathy and to my mom and arranged for them to meet and get Carson to Salt Lake.

Carson finally got to come and see his brother.
Poor Gavin's iv came out so many times that the nurses finally put it his head so they wouldn't have to poke him anymore.

For now I'm done with this post. Here is a letter that we wrote our friends and family when we found out that we could go home.

Dear Friends and Family,
Through a recent biopsy Dr's found a high count of Eosinophils in his stomach and intestine. Eosinophils are allergy cells. We are going to keep him on a feeding tube due to his continuous vomit, pain and to maintain the proper amount of nutrition. His LES is in bad shape but we hope that will get better. A Ph probe study found frequent and very acidic reflux. After 8 days in a hospital we finally get to go home with a NJ feeding tube, Zantac, a new formula Neocate and Erythomycin. If all goes well we can hopefully avoid the Nissin Fondo surgery. Gavin was in really bad shape with severe weight loss and continuous vomiting. The Drs here at Primary Childrens were amazed by Gavins severe arching. All the drs and nurses commented that they had never seen a 6 month old arch like Gavin. After much prayer, faith and modern medicine we feel we have finally found an answer. Heather and I are very relieved and we just found out we can go home tonight. Thanks to everyone for their prayers, we know that those prayers and the power of the Priesthood made the difference.

Love, Jordan and Heather

We get to go HOME!!!!!

Gavin was so happy to see Carson!