Monday, November 9, 2009

Labor Story

September 28, 2009 at 5:30pm Jordan and I went to the hospital to get things moving so our little guy could get here. He was almost a week over due and I was getting to a point that I couldn't be pregnant anymore. The doctor said that he could put a....something that helps thin out the cervix (I forgot what he called it). Before he put it in, he checked to see what I was dilated to. He told me that he could break my water then and sometime during the night we could have the baby. Before we could agree with him he changed his mind and didn't want to do that since I was the strep positive. So we started the antibiotic and the process of thinning out the cervix. Jordan went to Subway to get us some dinner since that could be my last meal for who knows how long. Sure enough it was!

My water broke on its own at 1:30am and contractions started right after! At 2:15 I decided that I couldn't handle the contractions and had the nurse give me stadeal to take the edge of the contractions. To help take my mind of things Jordan played Phase 10 with me since I still couldn't sleep. At 3:15 I was dilated to a 3.5 so I was able to get the epidural and that was heaven! Able to finally sleep. Dr. Johnson came and checked me before 8 and said that I should have a baby mid morning. 1:00pm came around and nothing. I stopped at a 5.5 and needed the doctor to break my water again. He came after his lunch to check how everything was going and the baby was posterior. The doctor thought that breaking my water again and now giving me the pitocin that Carson would turn on his own and in the afternoon I would be ready to deliver.

I was sleeping off and on to be well rested when it was actually time to push. 4:30 comes around and the nurse checks me and I'm at a 10! Time to push. She lets the doctor know and he said he will be there shortly after 5. She has me start to push every time I feel like I need to.

5:30 comes around and the doctor walks in to see how I'm doing. No baby. He stays in the room with me and helps me through it. I am starting to feel some contractions and able to move my legs on my own. With feeling the pressure I am hoping that Carson will come soon so I don't hurt to bad. 6:30 and there is still no baby! I'm starting to get frustrated a little because I'm pushing perfectly but I felt like it isn't doing anything. I had mirrors so I could watch everything and nothing was moving along like I thought it would. 6:45 the doctor said with a couple of good pushes that Carson will be here! In the first set of three pushes I made it through the 1st push. During the 2nd push here comes Carson shooting towards the doctor! I did a little scream and with Jordan and Cathy (my mother-in-law) we jumped. What just happened. Dr. Johnson hurried things along and instead of putting Carson on my stomach he gave him to the nurses. He wasn't breathing well. The nurse called the NICU team and they came in to see if they could get him breathing better. Nothing. While all of this was taking place, the doctor was stitching me. 2nd degree tear and deep in the muscle.

Cathy went by the team that was working on Carson while Jordan stayed with me. Tears started coming down my cheeks as they took Carson out of the room. Jordan asked if I was okay and I told him I was fine just tired. The doctor looked up and said, "No your not! You just pushed for over 2 hours! You delivered posterior and he shot out! You didn't get to see your son like you thought and they just took him down to NICU! So no your not fine!"

Man did he nail all of my feelings or what! Carson had a big bruise on his head that was there for a couple of weeks. We were discharged from the hospital the next day late evening. With everything that happened, I loved the whole thing! Carson has been a great baby and we have enjoyed him every minute!!!