Thursday, May 28, 2009


Aloha! I know I have been back for quit some time but I haven't had the time to actually get on and when I do I don't have the computer at my house to post anything. The last week of April we were able to go to Hawaii with Stan and Cathy, and Wade and Tera for a Dental convention. Well, the boys went to the meetings while the girls got to do pretty much what ever we liked!

The first two pictures are from the first day that we got there. We climbed down onto these rocks and it was an interesting climb. First of all I'm clumsy to begin with and then add being pregnant on top of that makes it a little bit more difficult. Not because I'M just pregnant but having Jordan tell me to be careful and to hold on to him so I don't fall and land on the baby made it difficult to go down. Going back up was easy!

Waikiki beach

On our way to North Shore.
It is good to be back. I had a hard time enjoying the whole vacation because I had something to really look forward to. I had appointment for the Wednesday after we got back to find out what we are having. Well, we are pleased to announce that little Carson A. Lott will be joining our family in September!!!