Sunday, February 1, 2009

Update at the Lott's house

So I never in a million years thought that a puppy could tear up the floor or the base boards in our house. I have learned that we can not leave Sophie in our laundry room alone during the day while we are gone. We started putting her in her crate and I really like that idea and don't know why we didn't start doing that a long time ago. Our house is less of a mess when we get home and I feel that she is learning to go outside to the bathroom more and more because of this!
Now the floor is not all Sophie's fault. But she did most of it. When we first moved in, a guy came out to fix our dryer and instead of fixing it he took moved things around and when he moved the dryer back the gray tube came of so that room was getting really hot and our clothes not dry. So when Jordan was at work I moved the washer to fix the dryer. Well, the washer still had water in it so when I moved it I wrecked a little piece but I was able to use super glue and you couldn't really tell. But now that we have Sophie I need to put a rug there until we buy a new floor.

Now the base board is all Sophie! She went through her bone in about 3 weeks and so we didn't have anything for her to really chew except her rope and stuffed animal. I had swimming and this is what Jordan came home to. 3 out of the 4 moldings by the doors look like this. Then that same night she chewed on 2 more when we were in the other room.
I had a break down that night thinking that we would end up giving her away and I was said cause I love this pup but our house is getting wrecked. Jordan told me that we wouldn't give her away that we just need to train her a little bit more and that she is in her puppy stage where she will chew anything!

Now, getting to the cute stuff that she does. Last night I was getting a bath ready to relax in but that changed fast when Jordan came in the bathroom to talk to me. Sophie jumped up on the edge like she always does when she thinks she gets a bath while I'm getting ready for the day. She never actually jumped in the tub so I didn't think anything about it. To our surprise Sophie tumbles in head first in my bubble bath! We turned off the water and just let her play around for a little bit.

Jordan hurried and gave her bath and then we got her out and played with her before we put her to bed. I didn't get to enjoy my bath but I sure enjoyed watching Sophie swim around in the tub!

She loves her bath time and she lets us know when she wants in and when she wants out!